screen based presentations

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There's a variety of approaches to building your screen based presentations, the following is a brief overview:

Editable (Microsoft Powerpoint, Lotus Freelance) powerpoint masters, templates and presentations Lotus Freelance

Presentations produced using the same applications as the end user - either presenter or recipient. Whilst these packages are sometimes seen as inferior, linear versions of the 'true' multimedia this need not be the case. The simple 'advance on click' feature can be switched off and a much more intuitive and interactive navigation method introduced. Video and sound clips are well supported (although applying an underlying music bed can be less than subtle). There's no need for the screens to look like Powerpoint...

Plus points: Editable by the end user! Can be reassuring - if anything goes wrong you can probably fix it. Relatively inexpensive. Can be used as the basis for further presentations. You don't have to pay for an entire finished presentation, it's possible to buy just the template design, scanning, video encoding etc. and do the rest in house if desired. This sort of screen show does not have a fixed resolution and will scale to fill the screen.

Downside: Editable by the end user! Requires the application and the fonts on the end user's machine. Cross platform problems.

More Powerpoint info: Templates | Animation | Multimedia | Scanning Tips | Presentation Tips | Embedding Flash

Repurposed print material (Adobe Acrobat) Acrobat - used to it's full capacity

Using Acrobat to its full capacity allows massive print files to be reduced to a size where they display easily on screen with intuitive navigation. All fonts are preserved, printing is simple and exceedingly high quality. The files are fully cross platform. Viewing these files does require the recipient to have the Reader software installed but this may be freely distributed or downloaded.

This is particularly suited to getting product catalogues or data sheets to screen. more info

Browser Based (html) html based presentations, delivered offline

Here we build you an off-line web site, self contained on a CD and designed to run in the popular browsers which are now on virtually every PC. Because the files are accessed from CD rather than via a phone line much more ambitious animation and enhanced image quality are achieved.

Increasingly popular as the connected population grows in numbers and confidence. more info

Full Animation (Flash) Vector based animation

For the smallest and most entertaining/interactive presentations we can create everything within flash and supply it as a self-running application requiring no plug-in or installation. The only downside is that flash really doesn't support digital video.

Multimedia (Macromedia Director) multimedia

These presentations are generally perceived to be 'true' multimedia, almost always CD ROM based, generally cross platform (PC & Mac) and can involve extensive use of video, animation and voiceover. They can be built either as a relatively linear speaker support presentation or made fully interactive for mass distribution and browsing by an individual.

Plus Points: Total control of appearance, actions etc. and no additional software required by the viewer (within a predetermined basic machine specification). Tamper proof and secure. High perceived value.

Downside: Not editable & relatively expensive to produce if only small volume required. Testing period required. Fixed resolution.

more info

Pick & Mix multimediaVector based animationhtml based presentations, delivered offlineAcrobat - used to it's full capacitypowerpoint masters, templates and presentations

For large projects a combination of some (or indeed all) of the above may build to provide the full solution. For example: An all singing, all dancing Director introduction may then give access to editable Powerpoint product presentations, printable Acrobat datasheets and the relevant websites (either on or off-line)

This has the advantage of making the most of all available material and adding longevity to the overall project - if the areas where change is most likely can be amended separately then the need to rebuild from scratch can be postponed almost indefinitely. more info