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Microsoft Powerpoint now resides on virtually every PC (and an ever growing number of Macs). It comes with templates and wizards that do their best to ensure that everything you create looks exactly the same as everyone else's...

To be fair this also makes it very easy to stick to a corporate style and layout which is something most organisations strive to achieve.

To get the best from the package you really need to think about your own template

BT Contact Central Powerpoint Canon Interactive Powerpoint Delphi Diesel Systems Powerpoint


the key areas are:

Original template design layout (colours, fonts, font size, background graphics etc.)

Transitions and animation's - these should be used with restraint to enhance the presentation rather than to distract the audience

Photographic images and Illustrations - support your text with the right images optimised for your display

Extras - Powerpoint can support lots of external elements, you can add custom animations, video, sound, web links and much more

how we can help:

Design and build your entire presentation from scratch

Create a bespoke template around which you can build your own presentation

Take your existing presentation and give it a professional polish

Scan, edit and optimise your photos - or train you how to do it yourself (click here for some tips)

additional services:

Bespoke animation - including embedded flash or animated gif images
Custom clipart design
Convert your logo into a true type font
Slide imaging
Full conference AV production & support
Advice on presenting & projection
Converting a powerpoint file into a screensaver