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Dispensing with the standard powerpoint templates and introducing a custom design reinforces your corporate identity and enables consistent design standards. We specialise in producing both the truly original and in taking existing design styles (from your printed brochures for example) and adapting them to make a distinctive presentation impact. We always ensure that the template is suited to the proposed content.

What will a custom Powerpoint Template cost me?

Generally to design a new template to reflect you corporate image will cost around £500 - £1,000 depending on available images, logos and existing style information. Less if you know exactly what you require and simply need it executing in PowerPoint, potentially more if you require multiple backgrounds and lots of sample charts, diagrams or clipart. We will always agree a budget before proceeding and if you change the brief part way through (which can happen...) we will keep you fully informed of any additional liability in advance.

What do I need to supply?

If you've already got identity guidelines, logos, specific colours, fonts etc. we'll need reference material or source files. Copies of existing printed brochures help immensely in maintaining corporate consistency. We'll then build several sample designs to show how we feel these elements would work best within PowerPoint - we then discuss your reactions and work up a final design.

An idea of your typical presentation content is also very important - templates have to support your presentation style and shouldn't be designed in isolation. If you routinely require multiple bullet points, long statements or complex diagrams then the text size and available working area must be appropriate - all too often agencies try to dictate a style that simply isn't suited to its intended use...

We can also design your entire identity and logo if requested - cost subject to quotation

What do you recommend?

Consider getting us to create not only your template but a sample presentation as well. When we have the opportunity to build 'real' content into our design we can ensure that it is optimised for your working requirements - everything will be tweaked to perfection and you'll have sample charts and diagrams that all complement the style. After this it's far easier for you to reproduce, modify and expand this core presentation whilst maintaining consistency

Other considerations

How do you intend to distribute, show and print the completed presentation?
If it's going to be emailed around the world then will the recipients have the same fonts?
Do you have a requirement for 35mm slides? (this affects the resolution of any images used)
Do you require any elements not to print in black and white - is it something you might need to fax?

additional services:

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Custom clipart design
Convert your logo into a true type font
Slide imaging
Full conference AV production & support
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